Cooperation with Syncron Poland

Syncron Poland is a leading global provider of innovative after-sales service software solutions that drive significant revenue and profit improvements for its customers.

Main goals

Improving the quality of translations (localisation) from English to German within three warehouse and inventory management platform, which are implemented individually and customised in line with each customer’s expectations, as well as maintaining highly qualified and trusted specialist staff while ensuring highly flexible performance.


Results and achievements

  • Our cooperation began in 2016 and continued to develop very dynamically. Studio Gambit took on its first translation for Syncron Poland, which was 40,000 words from English into German.
  • A successful translation into German resulted in further cooperation of Syncron Poland with Studio Gambit, as well as localisation tasks into other languages, including Italian, French, Russian and Chinese.
  • Soon after that, Studio Gambit received queries about translating into other languages, such as Spanish.
  • The successful translation of User Interface into German contributed to the Customer’s decision to use the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA), which facilitates cooperation with localisation providers, lowers costs and simplifies future updates.
  • Thanks to Studio Gambit’s work, the terminology implemented by another localising company improved in a significant way, as previously the Customer had not been happy with the quality of the terminology that did not function as planned and was not clear to the reader.
  • Customer satisfaction reached 100% – from the very beginning of cooperation in 2016, the quality of services, communication, reaction times, adherence to deadlines and individual approach had been excellent. Studio Gambit provided the Customer with peace of mind: having sent out a translation job the Customer did not have to be involved in it anymore. Studio Gambit took care of the job in a comprehensive manner, and the Customer did not have supervise it in any way.
  • Thanks to Studio Gambit’s years of experience that it was willing to share with the Customer, test case scenarios were prepared to make it possible for the translators to test the software online after version builds, which always significantly improves translation quality.
  • The effective cooperation that Syncron Poland and Studio Gambit have enjoyed so far is very promising and offers new opportunities for both parties.

Summary in numbers: 180,000 words translated. Translations from English into German: 40,000 words, into French: 50,000 words, into Italian: 25,000 words, into Russian: 25,000 words, into Chinese: 40,000 words.


Customer’s recommendation

Studio Gambit not only offers high quality of service and a comprehensive approach to translation, but also guarantees something that I, as a Customer, value a lot: peace of mind. Thanks to the specialist expertise and know-how provided, as well as seamless and speedy operation, I could entrust Studio Gambit with the software localisation project of over 40,000 words (from English into German and then into other languages) for Syncron. Having enjoyed successful cooperation I can confirm that Studio Gambit is a reliable and dependable translation service provider.

Tomasz Nidecki (Senior Knowledge Author, Syncron Poland Sp. z o.o.)

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