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Located in Gdańsk, Studio Gambit Ltd. was established in 1992. From the beginning of our activity in 1993 we have been providing specialized translations that require team effort as well as the advanced technical support. That is why we approach translation services as a combination of art and logistics. For the past 20 years we have developed skills and organizational structure that help us regularly achieve desirable goals – timeliness, budget control, technical and linguistic excellence – even when dealing with the most challenging localization projects.

As far as pure translation services are concerned we specialize in Polish and other languages of Central and Eastern Europe, relying on a regular cooperation with network of proven in-country partners with profile and experience similar to ours. There are 20 languages in the region (including Turkish) and for all o them we provide premium solutions with best value to price ratio on the market.

A localization project is much more than just words. In order to produce a complete localized version of software, website, movie, advertising brochure or manual, many other tasks have to be fulfilled. It highly depends on understanding the client's needs and requirements. That is why at Studio Gambit project managers and localization engineers are as important as translators.

We are equally focused on the quality of contacts with the client, technology, workflow, as well as on working on the text. We are constantly trying to improve our performance in each of these areas so that our clients perceive the cooperation with Studio Gambit as the optimal solution.

Global companies that discovered Studio Gambit have found a reliable and professional localization services provider that can meet their requirements concerning quality, price, advanced technical infrastructure and organizational structure, regardless of the cooperation scale.

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"(...) we are delighted with the cooperation with GAMBIT (...)"
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Certificate of Business Credibility 2017

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