Human Resources Management

Studio Gambit considers human resources management to be a vital part of quality policy. It is of most importance, for example, that translators and editors are carefully selected for a particular job. Our procedures in this matter stick to ISO 9001 guidelines.


Candidates for translators and editors are interviewed, tested and classified according to their education, skills and experience.


Studio Gambit provides training to permanent staff as well as freelancers to ensure that translators and editors are able to meet quality objectives.


In this phase requirements for a particular job are matched with profiles stored in company database to setup a team of translators.


Completed translations are edited and evaluated by senior translators. The evaluation results are recorded in the database to be used in the consequent classification, training and selection phases.


Evaluation of senior translators is implemented through the QA procedure. QA is performed on a sample of the translated and edited materials. QA results reveal the real value of the editing phase.

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Studio Gambit one of the leaders among Polish translation companies

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Certificate of Business Credibility 2016

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