Medicine / Life Sciences

We are one of the few Polish companies providing professional medical and pharmaceutical translations of guaranteed high quality, which is required by the legal regulations of the healthcare market.

Thanks to our translators specializing in the appropriate fields, our consultants, reviewers and experienced in house editors, along with our strict quality assurance policy, Studio Gambit has been helping its customers to remove communication barriers when introducing new products and services into international markets.

For 25 years, we have been translating and localizing various materials for this sector, including the following:

  • Instructions for use (IFUs) for medical devices and laboratory equipment
  • Registration documents for medicinal products (in accordance with the European Medicines Agency’s guidelines)
  • Training and educational materials (including multimedia)
  • Therapeutic and diagnostic medical equipment software
  • Research papers, academic publications, press articles and websites on medicine and biotechnology
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs)
  • Clinical trial documentation (informed consent forms, trial protocols, clinical trial agreements, patient information sheets, etc.)
  • Descriptions and instructions for use for in-vitro diagnostic tests

We have covered numerous fields, including cardiology, surgery, radiology and imaging, pharmacology, clinical biochemistry, haematology, diabetology, pulmonology, ophthalmology and orthopaedics.

Selected end customers whose projects from this sector we have translated: GSK, Illumina, Medtronic, Abbott laboratories, Baxter, Stryker, Hartmann, Edwards Lifesciences, BSC, and St. Jude Medical.

Examples of our translations:

Funkcja leczenia tachyarytmii w kardiowerterach-defibrylatorach
W kardiowerterach-defibrylatorach z funkcją resynchronizacji serca, dwujamowych implantowalnych kardiowerterach-defibrylatorach i jednojamowych implantowalnych kardiowerterach-defibrylatorach wyzwalanie arytmii komorowej jest możliwe tylko wówczas, gdy włączona jest funkcja terapii antytachyarytmicznej. (...)

Client feedback

"(...) we are delighted with the cooperation with GAMBIT (...)"
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