October 2019

ISO 27001:2013 Certification

We are proud to announce that Studio Gambit Sp. z.o.o. has successfully implemented an information security management system (ISMS) and certified to the international ISO 27001:2013 standard.
Our ability to eliminate threats in a systematic way is regularly examined by independent experts who also verify the clarity of our permission sets and employee responsibilities, as well as evaluate how our security goals integrate with our IT and organizational solutions. Because Studio Gambit’s infrastructure and processes follow ISO 27001, we can ensure appropriate data protection for our clients and partners. Considering the ever-growing number of digital threats disrupting companies and organizations alike, not having this kind of security could become a severe risk when working with a professional services provider.

September 2019

Certificate of Business Credibility 2019

The Certificate of Business Credibility is awarded by Bisnode Polska, a strategic partner of the business intelligence agency Dun & Bradstreet, to companies that meet outstanding financial criteria. We are proud to be part of the elite group of companies that hold the Certificate. This prestigious token confirms Studio Gambit meets the requirements of the largest organizations and corporate clients who need a reliable Localization & Translation Service Provider and expect seamless daily co operation.

November 2018

ISO 9001:2015

We are happy to announce that we have achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification by successfully undergoing a certifying audit of our Quality Management System. ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification is the most recognized enterprise management standard, which confirms that our company complies with the relevant standards and meets high-quality requirements for the provided specialist translations, software localization and multilingual desktop publishing services. The certificate is issued by an independent certification body.
Studio Gambit’s system was certified by the Norwegian company DNV GL.

October 2018

Consistently On Top

In this year’s edition of the Warsaw Business Journal’s “Book of Lists 2017”, Studio Gambit placed 2nd in the “Translation Companies” category. Ranking up top once again confirms our strategy which combines our employees’ talents with the latest technology. Our projects reliably meet with our Customers’ approval and result in fruitful, long-term cooperation.
“Book of Lists” is a prestigious guide to Polish companies and economy that the Warsaw Business Journal has been publishing for over 20 years. The publication is available both in Polish and in English, and covers over 2,000 companies from 8 sectors, across 75 disciplines.

July 2018

Studio Gambit among Largest Translation Companies in Europe

Common Sense Advisory is an international consulting agency, recognized in the industry for their localization and translation research, including the “Top 25 LSPs in Eastern Europe” report. In 2018, Studio Gambit ranked 14th among the 25 largest Localization Services Providers in Eastern Europe. We are humbled by this recognition which is a testament to our commitment to quality, ongoing development and improvement, participation in the shaping of market trends, and the readiness to meet the challenges of the industry.
Source: The 25 Largest LSPs in Eastern Europe in 2018, Common Sense Advisory, Inc.

Certificate of Business Credibility 2017

The Certificate of Business Credibility is awarded by Bisnode Polska, a strategic partner of the business intelligence agency Dun & Bradstreet, to companies that meet outstanding financial criteria. We are proud to be part of the elite group of companies that hold the Certificate. This prestigious token confirms Studio Gambit meets the requirements of the largest organizations and corporate clients who need a reliable Localization & Translation Service Provider and expect seamless daily co operation.

October 2017

Studio Gambit one of the leaders among Polish translation companies

Studio Gambit has been active on the translation and localization market for 25 years now. The company’s strong and stable position in Poland has been confirmed by this year’s guide to Polish businesses, the „Book of Lists”, in which Studio Gambit took the 2nd place in the „Translation Companies” category. With many years of expertise, we have proved to be a dependable translation service provider and a reliable business partner.
The „Book of Lists” is a prestigious guide to Polish companies, provided both in Polish and English, which presents the companies by means of various rankings compiled using diverse criteria assigned to specific business sectors. The “Book of Lists” is published by Valkea Media.

May 2017

Certificate of Business Credibility 2016

The Certificate of Business Credibility is awarded by Bisnode Polska, a strategic partner of the business intelligence agency Dun & Bradstreet, to companies that meet outstanding financial criteria. Studio Gambit has joined the elite group of 1% companies that hold the Certificate. This prestigious token confirms our financial stability, strengthens our position in the industry, and gives an assurance of excellent viability, financial strength and liquidity. It also shows that Studio Gambit follows the highest ethical standards in business, and is a trustworthy partner for customers who need a reliable Localization & Translation Service Provider.

We can now work in RC-WinTrans

When completing localization and translation projects for our clients, meeting their needs has always been the highest priority for us at Studio Gambit. Our internal procedures, years of experience and cutting-edge solutions allow us to work with global leaders. To provide even better localization services, we have recently expanded our portfolio of supported CAT tools to include RC WinTrans. By offering varied software options, we respond to the dynamic requirements of today’s market.

October 2016

Studio Gambit in Top 5 Largest Translation Companies in Poland

Warsaw Business Journal Observer's prestigious "Book of Lists" is the only ranking of the biggest Language Service Providers that is published annually in Poland. This year, Studio Gambit was ranked 4th, having yet again been recognized as a significant player on the Polish translation market.
We would like to thank all of our clients for the long-term trust. As always, we are looking forward to working with new businesses and organizations that need a reliable LSP.

July 2016

Studio Gambit Sponsors English Summer Camp 2016

The English Summer Camp is the summer edition of a charity educational programme organised by the Gdańsk branch of the Project Management Institute. The main purpose of the project is to enable children from Pomorskie and Kujawsko-Pomorskie provinces, who live in orphanages, foster families and families of low financial status, to take part in English lessons during holidays. The children also participate in introductory classes in project management that are to develop the abilities of task planning and sharing, teamwork and perseverance in pursuing goals. Studio Gambit has decided to join the English Summer Camp 2016 as a sponsor because we always promote education and development. We believe that the values inculcated at a young age, broadening horizons, developing interests and the potential for teamwork and co-operation will provide the children with future benefits.

June 2016

We support creative education

We are delighted to announce that the ZKPiG NR 8 team, whom we sponsor, have finished in the 11th place in the Odyssey of the Mind World Finals in Ames, Iowa, USA. The team competed against 57 other teams from all over the world and despite the bad luck, which had been plaguing them (burnt drone engine, broken ocarina, drenched sets), they proved that they were able to dream: boldly and based on goals, to think: on their own and out of the box, and create: providing both novel and effective solutions. The Odyssey of the Mind is a friendly educational program in the form of a competition for several tens of thousands of pupils and students worldwide. We are very proud of the ZKPiG NR 8 team and we congratulate all the participants of Odyssey of the Mind.

April 2016

Studio Gambit now using the latest Across Language Server

With today’s advancements in IT and widespread Internet access, the multifaceted translation process can be considerably improved by applying the right tools. From the very beginning, we have been using software that increases our professionals’ productivity and allows us to track performance and monitor the deadlines. All of this to provide Studio Gambit’s clients with top-notch translations in the shortest time frame possible. One of the tools we use is Across Language Sever, a state of the art translation management platform. The new version 6.3 introduces multiple enhancements which further streamline jobs management while allowing us to consistently provide final translations of the highest quality.

Translation & Localization Conference 2016

The 5th edition of the international Translation & Localization Conference took place on 11-12 March in Warsaw, gathering crowds from the translation and localization industry. Participants were able to engage in presentations, workshops and debates to share their knowledge and skills. The conference was also a great opportunity for LSPs and end clients to come together and start new partnerships. As one of the sponsors, Studio Gambit participated actively in the event. During the Experts' Café panel on Saturday, we shared our experiences, and one of our Project Managers answered questions from the audience. The topics we discussed included project management, translation flow, and the interactions between an LSP and freelance translators. We cannot wait for the next year’s edition of the conference—please join us!

October 2015

Meet us

We are not some anonymous translators scattered around the country, locked in a virtual space that has no address, no coffee machine and no door labelled CEO’s Office. Meet us

September 2015

Across Language Server 6 among the tools used by Studio Gambit

The quality of a translation results directly from the professionalism of a translator. However, technology and tools used for the comprehensive management of the translation project are also of the utmost importance, and Studio Gambit recognizes this fact. That is why, in 2014 we started our cooperation with Across Systems, the provider of a modern translation management platform – Across Language Server. This platform significantly streamlines job execution and allows easy deadline monitoring and supervision of the translation, revision and editing processes. Currently, Studio Gambit uses Across 6 – the latest version of the software, which helps improve the efficiency of our expert team, ensures the highest possible quality of the translation, and reduces the time needed to provide the client with the final version of the text.

August 2015

Studio Gambit again one of the biggest translation companies in Europe

The prestigious annual report presented by the international consulting agency Common Sense Advisory once again confirmed the leading role of Studio Gambit on the translation market. The Top Language Service Providers in Eastern Europe in 2015 list, published in June 2015, includes twenty leading translation companies from Eastern Europe. The list is based on the revenue from translation activities in the previous year. The fact that we are among the biggest translation service providers guarantees stability, reliability and risk-free cooperation.

June 2015

Gold Certificate of Business Credibility 2014 for Studio Gambit

The Certificate of Business Credibility is a prestigious title awarded by the Polish office of Bisnode—an international business information group. It is awarded to businesses that can boast a high credit rating, as well as an outstanding financial stability. Studio Gambit is proud to have been distinguished with this certificate yet again. We could not have wished for a better recommendation which will ease decision-making for both corporate and institutional clients seeking a reliable and professionally managed LSP.

September 2014

International Translation Day

The last day of September is celebrated by translators around the world, so we wish you professional success, interesting texts, and all the best! Happy International Translation Day!

Top Five

According to the recent "Book of Lists" report compiled by Warsaw Business Journal Observer Studio Gambit is again among the top five largest translation companies in Poland. The ranking was created based on revenue from translation activity in 2013.

March 2014

Education of the future

Studio Gambit has founded the main prize in the competition organized by the Khan Academy for the students of the Department of Translation Studies at the University of Gdańsk. As a part of the competition students will participate in a translation project in which the videos in Polish from different areas of science from the Khan Academy library will be added to the website. The students of the Faculty of Languages, Department of Translation Studies will gain professional experience and learn practical skills. Studio Gambit provides a reward for the best student taking part in the project – 1 month of paid internship in our company.

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization whose goal is to provide free access to high-level education to everyone all around the world. All the materials provided by the Khan Academy are available for free.

February 2014

Studio Gambit becomes the first Polish partner of Across Systems

Studio Gambit has always concentrated on the development of technologies supporting translation processes. We keep up with clients’ needs and try to meet their expectations, constantly expanding the variety of solutions we use. In accordance with this policy our company has become the first in Poland to use the full spectrum of opportunities offered by Across Language Server – a universal platform for professional translation management in companies. Across is a tool that combines the benefits of translation management applications with CAT and terminology tools. The wide-ranging integration between the platform application on the client side and the translation services provider makes the cooperation automated to a large extent.

January 2014

Third best chess player in the world!

Paweł Teclaf, who is under the patronage of Studio Gambit, has achieved great success. During World Junior Chess Championship that lasted until December 29th, 2013 in the United Arab Emirates Paweł won the third place and was the only Polish representative to reach the podium. In his age group – Open U10 – Paweł competed against almost 200 best chess players from all over the world. The ten-year-old played 11 games, lost only one of them, 2 ended in a tie and the remaining 8 were won!
Congratulations Paweł!

October 2013

10 years with the ISO certification

We are proud to inform that Studio Gambit, for the 10th consecutive time, has passed the audit confirming the compliance of our quality management system with the ISO 9001:2008 standard. The independent review was conducted by DNV — a renowned international company. The certification for "Specialist translation and software localization. Multilingual desktop publishing" guarantees professional services for our clients in key areas. Studio Gambit is a reliable partner on your way to success.

September 2013

Paweł continues to achieve success under our patronage

Paweł Teclaf, a talented chess player from Kartuzy, triumphed at the Polish Junior Chess Championship in Olsztyn, winning two gold medals. Paweł, Studio Gambit's protégé and member of the "Ormuzd" Chess Club in Kartuzy, is currently preparing for the World Junior Chess Championship which will be held in the United Arab Emirates later this year.

Paweł, we’ll keep our fingers crossed for you!

July 2013

Studio Gambit ranks high amongst translation companies in Poland and in Europe

A significant position of Studio Gambit on the translation market has been recognized by two renowned rankings published in June 2013. Common Sense Advisory, an international consulting company, in its report "The Language Services Market: 2013" has placed Studio Gambit on the 11th position among the 20 largest translation services providers in Eastern Europe. Whereas in a regular Polish ranking of local translation companies – published annually by the Valkea Media publishing house, as a "Book of Lists" comparison – Studio Gambit has been placed on the 3rd position.
We would like to thank all our present customers for the long-term trust. We are also looking forward to starting cooperation with new clients. The above-mentioned rankings confirm that such a decision is absolutely secure. Cooperation with Studio Gambit is a success for all parties.

May 2013

Certificate of Business Credibility 2012

Certificate of Business Credibility is awarded by the Polish branch of Dun and Bradstreet – an international consumer reporting agency. It is given to business entities which present outstanding financial indicators.
Studio Gambit, yet again, is very proud to receive this valued award, confirming that it continues to maintain the leader financial stability in times where companies are put to a high market pressure. The DnB Certificate is valued around the world and provides a reliable recommendation for clients who seek a solid and responsible language services provider that guarantees a stable and lasting cooperation.

March 2013

Supporting Young Talents

Although he is only 10, Paweł Teclaf is already very successful. He is an extremely talented young chess player from Kartuzy, who has been awarded a sports sponsorship by Studio Gambit. Paweł, a member of "Ormuzd" chess club in Kartuzy, took part in the Youth Chess Championship at the beginning of March 2013, where he was unrivalled and won the first place, being awarded the Polish Youth Champion title. He won all the rounds and was definitely the victor of the competition. Thanks to the success in Szczyrk he will participate in the World Championship, which will be held in the United Arab Emirates this year.

Pawel, the Studio Gambit Team is keeping our fingers crossed!

For the third consecutive year Studio Gambit and Saipem S.p.A. have been cooperating

For the third consecutive year Studio Gambit and Saipem S.p.A. have been cooperating in providing translation services regarding the construction works of the LNG terminal in Świnoujście for Polskie LNG S.A. The international consortium, led by Saipem S.p.A., has been using the professional translation services of Studio Gambit throughout the entire scope of the investment. It is a great challenge which requires the coordination of a large team of translators, editors and DTP specialists. In accordance with the contract, Studio Gambit maintains a special team for this project, capable of completing as many as 2000 pages a month. The works are completed within very tight, often 24-hour deadlines, and include a great variety of documents, such as supply specifications, project and technical documentation, legal and corporate letters as well as correspondence. As Krzysztof Leporowski, General Manager of Studio Gambit, emphasizes: "extending the cooperation to yet another year in such a challenging project is the greatest sign of appreciation from our partners at Eni Saipem."

October 2012

ISO 9001:2008 Certificate

We are happy to announce that Studio Gambit Sp. z o.o. has renewed the ISO Quality Certificate. The audit was conducted in the first days of October by DNV Certification B.V. and confirmed, without any restrictions, the compliance of our processes with the ISO 9001:2008 standard regarding "Specialist translation and software localization. Multilingual desktop publishing." Studio Gambit continually improves the quality management system, introducing new technologies and developing competences of our employees on all positions. The certificate, which we proudly hold, is a reliable guarantee of the highest, international standard of services provided by our company.

June 2012

High position in Common Sense Advisory’s ranking

Each year Common Sense Advisory, the most recognized consulting company in the translation industry, publishes the global ranking of translation and localization services providers, “The Top 100 Language Service Providers”, and the regional ranking, “The Top Service Providers in Eastern Europe”. We are proud to announce that Studio Gambit has once again been listed among the top ten providers in our region. As one of the leaders in Eastern Europe we are committed to continuous development in all our activities. Every day we work to strengthen our position. We aim to meet the challenges of the market and the requirements of our business partners as well as to anticipate the industry trends. Source: The Top Language Service Providers in Eastern Europe in 2012, Common Sense Advisory, Inc.

Certificate of Business Credibility 2011

The global business information provider, Dun & Bradstreet, has again awarded Studio Gambit a Certificate of Business Credibility. It is the third time we have received this prestigious distinction. The Certificate confirms the highest evaluation of our company’s financial stability. For our clients and vendors it is a proof that they have made the right decision and that their cooperation with Studio Gambit has strong fundaments. We hope that it is also a perfect recommendation for customers who are still looking for a reliable and solid translation services provider who guarantees a stable and long-lasting cooperation.

October 2011

Studio Gambit at the international tcworld conference and tekom Trade Fair, 18th – 20th October, Wiesbaden

The annual conference that takes place at the Rhein-Main Halls in Wiesbaden in October attracts visitors from around the world. Along with the tekom Trade Fair, held at the same time, the tcworld conference is Europe’s largest event in the industry to date. The conference participants are offered a diverse program, which includes nearly 200 lectures, workshops, tutorials, and discussion groups. Well-known speakers present the latest developments in technical communication and documentation and provide excellent opportunities to exchange knowledge.

The tcworld conference is accompanied by the tekom Trade Fair, the biggest industry exhibition within the field of technical communication and information development. All important technology suppliers and service providers are present.
Visit us: Stand F08, Foyer 1. Obergeschoß, Associations World and during the Polish Evening

September 2011

Make 30 September a day of celebration!

In 1991, the International Federation of Translators has made efforts to officially recognize the International Translation Day. The date Sept. 30 was chosen, because it is the day of Jerome - the patron saint of translators and librarians. This saint was one of the greatest biblical scholars of his time, translated the Bible from Hebrew and Aramaic into Latin. He left a great literary legacy.

The last day of September is celebrated by translators around the world, so we wish you professional success, interesting texts, and all the best! Happy International Translation Day!

DNV Audit — competence confirmation

From the beginning of its activity Studio Gambit has put the greatest emphasis on the quality of the offered services and the satisfaction of our clients. The results are as follows: a positive audit assessment of the processes effectiveness, no objection to their quality and the renewal of ISO 9001 Certificate for the next year.
The annual, two-day management processes audit was conducted by DNV Business Assurance, a reputable, independent certification body. The verification of the compliance of processes took place in September in the office in Gdansk, and all ISO 9001:2008 processes in the area of professional translations, localization and desktop publishing were controlled. The audit report confirmed the effectiveness and high competence of Studio Gambit in accordance with the international quality standards.

Top 10 in Eastern Europe! Number 1 in Poland!

We are pleased to announce that according to the recent ranking prepared by Common Sense Advisory — the most recognized consulting company in the translation industry — Studio Gambit is among the 10 largest providers of translation and localization services in Eastern Europe in year 2010.
Common Sense Advisory report covers all the continents, pointing leaders in various regions worldwide. The report identifies also trends and significant changes occurring in the markets in year 2010.
Studio Gambit is the only company based in Poland, which has qualified to the regional Top 10 Language Service Providers. The position among leaders commits us to continuous improvement and development, anticipating trends and matching processes and business structures to the challenges posed by the market.

Source: The Top Language Service Providers in Eastern Europe in 2011, Common Sense Advisory, Inc.

May 2011

Contract with the consortium responsible for gas terminal construction in Świnoujście

Studio Gambit is among the winners of the tender settled in December 2010 to provide translation services for Saipem, PBG and Techit consortium — the GRI of gas terminal construction in Świnoujście, which is one of the largest investments in Poland in the field of energy. The scope of services includes mainly English into Polish and Polish into English specialist translation of documents (technical, legal and business) created in the process of investment realization. The volume of translation realized by Studio Gambit exceeds 2000 pages per month and requires effective coordination of a large team of translators, editors and DTP specialists. The successful realization is yet another proof of professional approach of the entire team and excellent effectiveness of processes deployed in Studio Gambit, which ensures quality and timeliness in such projects.

February 2011

Our editors at the SAP Training Center

Two of our editors and terminology coordinators — Dorota Łojek and Dorota Mleczko — went in February to Walldorf (Germany) to take part in software and terminology translation training at the SAP Training Center. Having completed the training successfully, they returned with useful information concerning the latest features available in the translation systems. What is more, Dorota Mleczko is now authorized to conduct ZDI040 trainings on SAP terminology management.

October 2010

Certificate of Business Credibility

Studio Gambit was awarded the Certificate of Business Credibility by Dun and Bradstreet Poland Sp. z o.o for the highest stability ranking in 2009, according to DnB Poland. Receiving such a certificate ensures that the financial data of Studio Gambit guarantees high profitability and financial liquidity with a negligible level of debt and recorded overdue payments. As 2009 was a very difficult year in the translation industry, we accept this award with utmost satisfaction. For our clients and vendors it is yet another confirmation that their cooperation with Studio Gambit is based on stable and reliable foundations.

June 2010

Highest Quality International 2010

The jury of the "Highest Quality International 2010" contest awarded Studio Gambit the highest prize in the "Services" category to appreciate the way our company organizes and delivers its translation services. The main organizer of the contest is the Forum Biznesu (a promotion insert to the Gazeta Prawna daily); the contest is under the patronage of the Ministry of Regional Development, Polish Forum ISO 9000 Club and Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. The contest aims at finding and promoting businesses employing clear quality policies among both manufacturers and service providers. In 2010 Studio Gambit joined the winners of this prestigious competition.

May 2010

SLS Partner Forum 2010

The annual meeting of SAP partners was held on 18–20 May 2010 in Rot. Even the ash cloud could not stop language providers from all around the world from taking part in the event. On the contrary — with over 160 participants the attendance this year was all-time high. Of course Studio Gambit representatives could not miss that. It was the fourth time already when we had participated in the forum. However, for the first time this year as an SAP certified language services supplier. As usual there were numerous presentations concerning the company's products and its future strategy, referring to the meeting's motto "The Clear Path Forward". Language suppliers from various countries had the opportunity to participate in workshops and discussions, exchanging useful comments and experiences concerning the process of SAP product localization. As a result, we could extend our knowledge and improve activities in order to better serve our customers.

December 2009

Certified SAP Translation Vendor

In December 2009 we were officially announced “Certified SAP Translation Vendor for the language combination: English/German - Polish”. This certification acknowledges our versatile language competence to translate SAP software and related documentation, our commitment to ideal source-target equivalence, and invariably accomplished style of different renditions. Apart from the immaculate quality, the German IT giant has a particularly high opinion of our comprehensive portfolio of services, ranging from software localization and translation of marketing materials to desktop publishing. It is the high quality, professional and efficient DTP services that are especially appreciated by SAP and that distinguish us from other companies cooperating with SAP.

SAP Power User

In November Dorota Mleczko joined the team of editors qualified to carry out SAP software translation trainings. After completing the ZDI 320 Context and Quality course in Walldorf and successfully passing the trainer test Dorota became another Power User in Studio Gambit. She is the company's main terminology coordinator of SAP software translation projects from German.

October 2009

ISO 9001:2008

Studio Gambit Sp. z o.o. is happy to announce that it has renewed its ISO certificate. We have been certified to ISO for 6 years now and since then have consistently demonstrated our commitment to quality and confirmed the validity of the certificate in the annual audits. In 2009 we have achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification and for our clients it is a guarantee that our quality management system evolves while being the key tool for accomplishing the company's mission. The ISO 9001:2008 standard outlines specific organisational requirements that we had to meet in order to be certified. ISO 9001:2008 main focus is on measuring and improving the satisfaction of our clients by ensuring that the effective quality management system is present at each and every step in a production cycle. What is more, ISO 9001:2008-certified we must reconcile our internal quality procedures with the actual client feedback we receive every day as well as demonstrate our commitment to the continuous improvement of quality assurance procedures to those clients who have already trusted us.

June 2009

SLS Partner Forum 2009

On 16-18th June 2009 in Rot there was an annual meeting of SAP partners who deal with the localization of the company's products and documentation. It was the third time when the representatives of Studio Gambit participated in presentations, training sessions and workshops organized by SAP. The meeting's motto was „Opening Doors” and it referred to the new possibilities of the company and its partners resulting from the integration with BusinessObjects, a leading supplier of business intelligence. Apart from new development possibilities, the merger of these two companies constitutes a real challenge for SAP Language Services and its partners. During many interesting workshops our representatives had the opportunity to contribute to the process of standardization of terminology, language and tools used in the localization of SAP and SAP BusinessObjects products. The annual conferences not only lead to closer cooperation with SAP but also are an opportunity to exchange experiences with LSPs from all around the world.

May 2009

Cooperation with the University of Gdańsk

We have started our cooperation with the Department of Translation Studies and Intercultural Communication at the Faculty of Languages at the University of Gdańsk. Together we are drawing up a schedule of lectures for students of Translation Studies in the English Institute. We also provide training materials for the course and offer support concerning the factual knowledge of the subject. The technical and specialist translation course will offer the students training in the scope of software and computer games localization process. The aim of the course is to prepare the students to work with the selected CAT tools used in the localization industry. Our cooperation will give the students the opportunity to get acquainted with the industry and prepare themselves to work in this profession. We also encourage them to cooperate as freelance translators. The best students will be given the chance to serve their holiday internship in our head office.

January 2009

Qualifications of our in-house editors

Małgorzata Sobczyk is already the second editor from our team who has been awarded the qualifications necessary to carry out trainings for the Studio Gambit translators that work on SAP projects.
Having completed the 'ZDI220 Software Translation at SAP' training in SAP software online translation at SAP office in Walldorf in October, Małgorzata Sobczyk passed the test in December to become a Power User (a coordinator in the training systems).
The first Studio Gambit employee to be awarded the qualifications was Marta Starczewska who is the main in-house terminology coordinator of SAP translations from English projects.

July 2008

Certificate in localization project management

It is required from time to time to formally confront the long-standing experience with the theory and practice recommended by trade authorities. It was agreed that such opportunity was created by localization project management program carried out together by California State University, The Localization Institute and GALA association (The Globalization and Localization Association). This program consists of the online course as well as two-day workshops and the exam. On 19–20th June 2008 in Saint Louis in the United States Dariusz Starosta , our production manager and previously senior project manager for several years finished this course successfully and was granted the certificate. It should be obvious that the training he went through in Studio Gambit made finishing this course an easy success. All novelties will be implemented into our internal training program for project managers.

June 2008

SLS Partner Forum 2008

On 27–29th May 2008 in Walldorf there was a meeting annually organized by SAP for the cooperating language services suppliers. Studio Gambit took part in this meeting for the second time. But this time as an experienced veteran partner. Studio Gambit started its cooperation with SAP in 2007. We managed to quickly gain their recognition as a trustworthy partner, which resulted in entrusting us with the realization of their flagship project into Polish. Its successful completion coincided with SLS Partner Forum.

November 2007

DTP services certified with ISO 9001:2000

In September 2007 Studio Gambit successfully passed another quality management system audit for technical translation and software localization. At this occasion DNV Certification B.V. took also a closer look at the valid procedures in the DTP department and expanded the ISO 9001:2001 certificate granted to Studio Gambit onto multilingual DTP services.

Client feedback

"(...) we are delighted with the cooperation with GAMBIT (...)"
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