The practical use of machine translation has grown rapidly over the recent years. And it refers to both the statistical machine translation (SMT) and the rule based version (RbMT). However, despite great improvement, the quality of machine translated texts does not qualify for publication without additional changes. In order to provide quality level similar to that achieved by human translators, such texts need to undergo proofreading performed by a professional editor — a process called post-editing.

For clients seeking new opportunities to shorten the time and reduce the costs of large-scale projects Studio Gambit offers post-editing services. Our experience shows that if the quality of machine translated text is on a reasonable level, a project done in the following mode:

machine translation + post-editing + proofreading helps reduce costs by 20%-40% in comparison to the traditional mode, i.e., human translation + post-editing + proofreading.

Our large team of post-editors consists of properly trained translators, performing new tasks with the full understanding of their specifics. For large projects we can also create an ad hoc team, consisting of few (or even more) post-editors, proofreaders and a dedicated project manager. While texts can be edited using any CAT tool.

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