Machine translation

Recent years have seen a rapid increase in the practical application of machine translation, particularly neural machine translation (NMT). Despite significant improvement, the quality of machine-translated texts still does not allow for their publication without additional verification. To give them a form comparable to that of texts translated by humans, machine-translated documents need to be verified by a professional editor, that is, they need to be post-edited.

What does post-editing involve?

We have a seasoned team of post-editors, recruited from among properly trained translators, who perform this task with a proper understanding of its specific requirements. For the purpose of large projects, we can immediately build a team composed of a dedicated project manager and five, ten or fifteen post-editors and proofreaders. The texts can be post-edited using almost any CAT tool.

Advantages of machine translation

We offer machine translation and post-editing to clients who are pressed for time and want to optimize large-scale project costs.

Full Post-Editing is a process which combines: Machine Translation, post-editing, and revision.

Compared to the traditional translation and editing performed by qualified professionals, this process can reduce the costs by 20-30%, provided the machine translation is reasonably competent.

On the other hand, with some compromises to the general quality, we also offer:

Light Post‑Editing which combines Machine Translation and post-editing

and allows even further savings, up to 60%.

What can we do for you?

Write to us for a tailor-made machine translation and post-editing service.