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Studio Gambit is a part of the new Slator 2022 Language Service Provider Index

If you know anything about the language industry, you must have at least heard of Slator, the leading news and networking hub that boasts ownership of several platforms, with as the flagship for the entire enterprise.

Every year, Slator compiles an index of the world’s largest translation, localization, interpreting, and language technology companies ranked in order of revenue. The Slator 2022 LSPI thus serves as a handy resource for the industry entrants and stakeholders such as vendors, buyers, and investors.

This year, Studio Gambit has the honour of being a part of the Index again, in the category of Boutiques, comprised of LSPs with revenues between USD 1m and USD 8m. You can read more about it on Slator’s website here, you are also invited to contact us with any questions you might have.

Studio Gambit Team

We are the translators, editors, proofreaders, project managers, IT specialists, localization engineers and DTP operators forming part of the team here at Studio Gambit.

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