Oral translations

For your business to develop you need direct contact with contractors, partners and clients all over the world. Thanks to our professional oral translation services you can be sure that you are not affected by language barriers. For an event you organize, Studio Gambit will provide interpreters who understand the importance and uniqueness of the occasion. We select those interpreters with utmost care, as each project requires individual consideration of the subject matter, cultural context and the profile of participants. Owing to our individualised approach, we can ensure the highest quality of interpretation in each case.

Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreting

We offer two types of oral translations.
Simultaneous interpreting where the interpreter synchronously renders the message in the target language. The interpreter sits in a soundproof booth and speaks into a microphone, and the simultaneous interpretation is delivered to the target-language listeners via earphones.
Consecutive interpreting where the interpreter speaks after the source-language speaker stops talking. The interpreter sits or stands beside the speaker taking notes of the speech, and renders the message in the target language when the speaker pauses or finishes speaking. Depending on the characteristics of the message and the client's preferences, interpreting may involve short or long segments.

Put your best foot forward

Efficient communication is the key to success: hence, you cannot afford misunderstandings or limitations on your message during crucial conversations. If you want your clients and partners to be comfortable and clearly understand your message, make use of our professional consecutive interpreting services, which will allow you to focus on the gist, no matter which language you want it expressed in.

The conference of your dreams

Simultaneous interpreting in several languages during an international conference is a task for true professionals. One weak link can wreck the preparations of many months. In Studio Gambit we cooperate with teams of experienced simultaneous interpreters throughout the country, which spares our clients the additional travel and accommodation costs. We also provide specialist equipment necessary for interpreting.

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The Certificate of Business Credibility is awarded by Bisnode Polska, a strategic partner of the business intelligence agency Dun & Bradstreet, to companies that meet outstanding financial criteria. more

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