Interpreting services

Tłumaczenia ustne

Top-quality interpreting

We take an individual approach that matches each interpreting event with the optimum technologies and interpreters. Clients are left free to focus on building relations with their audiences or prospective clients, while we ensure seamless provision of top-quality interpreting.

We provide interpreting services for a variety of events, both online and on‑site, relying on interpretation specialists who are fully aware of the importance and unique nature of your meetings. We select them carefully for each and every project, considering the subject matter of the event, your cultural context, and the profiles of your guests.


Interpreter Services for Zoom Meetings and Webinars is a unique offering that we added to our portfolio after the outbreak of Covid-19. While other communication platforms are also available (such as Teams or Webex), only Zoom allows our simultaneous interpreters to provide their services without installing any additional plug-ins. For meetings hosts, this means greater simplicity and lower costs when compared to other solutions. Studio Gambit offers not only experienced and qualified interpreters but also provides comprehensive technical support throughout the Zoom meeting, and promptly responds to any issues with remote connections.

We also share our tested best practices with hosts, attendees and interpreters so that you can focus on what really matters — your messaging and your guests.

We can provide interpreting to business clients, public institutions and research centers.

Simultaneous interpreting

This entails instantaneous interpreting of the speaker’s statements. The interpreter may be positioned right next to the listener, and whisper to them precisely what the speaker is saying, or sit in a soundproof booth, immediately interpreting to listeners via a microphone connected with the listeners’ headsets.

Consecutive interpreting

The interpreter is positioned next to the speaker, listens to a number of utterances (shorter or longer), takes notes, and then interprets when the speaker pauses.

Certified interpreting

This usually takes the form of consecutive interpreting. This type of interpreting is particularly required in contacts with government agencies and during business transactions.

Benefits of cooperation

Cost-savings and time-savings

We cooperate with experienced simultaneous and consecutive interpreters located throughout Poland, which means that our clients do not incur additional travel and accommodation costs.

Technical support

We provide the necessary technical equipment to suit the event type and size. We can support small, face-to-face events, online events, and large academic conferences and webinars with a high number of participants.

Our interpreting services usually concern:

  • business meetings
  • business negotiations
  • marketing presentations
  • product and service presentations
  • manufacturing process presentations
  • promotional events
  • trade fairs
  • scientific conferences
  • congresses
  • symposiums and seminars
  • training courses and workshops
  • diplomatic meetings
  • foreign delegations
  • court proceedings
  • negotiations
  • supervisory board meeting mediations
  • annual general meetings
  • management board meetings
  • press conferences
  • press briefings
  • interviews
  • meetings with authors
  • galas and jubilees
  • teleconferences
  • videoconferences
  • festivals
  • online broadcasts
  • audits
  • focus group meetings

What can we do for you?

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