Translation services

Tłumaczenia pisemne

Top-quality translation

We strive to deliver translations that are reliable, clear and easy to understand and that retain the characteristic features of the source text or industry.

Our translations are written by professional, qualified translators, who are native speakers of the target language. Translated documents are proofread and edited by qualified specialists with documented experience in localizing the relevant text type. Where necessary, our language teams cooperate with experts abreast of the latest developments in their fields.

Specialist translations

We offer professional translation services for almost all industries, but we have a particularly proud record in IT; technology and industry; medicine and pharmaceutics; finance and banking; and law and administration. Our specialist translations are written only by professional translators with documented experience in the relevant field and a close knowledge of its particulars.

Certified translations

We offer certified translation — also known as sworn translation — in all of the most popular languages.

These services usually concern business documents, such as sales agreements, cooperation agreements, powers of attorney, in-house documentation and financial reports.

Marketing translations

In business, marketing documents are an important element of image-creation, efficient external and internal communication, and employee training.

To translate them well, our translators need to be linguistically creative and, for dubbing or voice-over material, have a gift for audio-video communication. They also need to be familiar with the relevant industry.

This is why, when clients request translations of marketing texts to be published in brochures, on a website, or in educational materials, we follow a separate procedure and engage specially-selected language specialists to deliver a more creative translation.

Long-term benefits

Cohesion and coherence

We prepare a glossary of terms to ensure stylistic and terminological cohesion and coherence throughout the project and across all of the client’s documents.

Cost-savings and time-savings

Clients save time and money because translated sentences or fragments that have been stored in a translation memory can be reused.


We run automatic quality-assurance tests using both our own, and commercially-available, CAT tools.

What happens when you send us a text?


Careful selection of translators suitable for the project guarantees high quality results. Terminology management tools and translation memories enable cohesion and coherence to be maintained. The software we use includes SDL Trados, Memsource, memoQ, XTM, Across and, last but not least, Tiger 2.0 — our very own, original translation memory server for online cooperation.


Translated texts are verified against the originals. The reviser not only checks whether the translation is stylistically and grammatically correct, but also makes sure that it uses correct terms, is accurate, and complies with the client’s guidelines. In the case of highly-specialized texts, we engage an independent expert to solve particular issues of terminology and content.

Quality control

Sections of translated texts are verified for quality before sending them to clients. We also run automatic quality-assurance tests using CAT-integrated tools, third-party specialist commercial applications, such as QA Distiller, Help QA, HTML QA, and ApSIC Xbench, or SG Tools, which is our own, original software.

Frequent translation types:

  • tender documentation
  • technical documents
  • project documentation
  • specifications
  • operation manuals
  • user manuals
  • maintenance manuals
  • technical projects
  • standards and patents
  • qualitative processes
  • product safety cards
  • marketing presentations
  • materials for publication
  • product catalogues
  • industry catalogues and folders
  • advertising folders
  • flyers and brochures
  • product labels
  • articles and press releases
  • interviews
  • marketing research
  • market analyses
  • product training courses
  • e-learning courses
  • training materials
  • newsletters
  • PR communications
  • legislative acts
  • agreements, motions, minutes
  • directives
  • certificates
  • court judgements and decisions
  • official journals of laws
  • resolutions
  • investment project documentation
  • technological documentation
  • scientific and technical documents
  • R&D project documentation
  • clinical trial documentation
  • summaries of product characteristics
  • test result reports
  • patient treatment cards
  • patient information leaflets
  • medical reports
  • medical publications
  • balance sheets
  • financial statements
  • accounting documents
  • auditor reports
  • audit documentation
  • tax documents
  • prospectuses
  • documents for the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF)

What can we do for you?

Write to us for a tailor-made translation service.

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