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We have been providing professional language services to clients throughout the world since 1992. Our offer includes specialist translation and interpreting serviceslocalization of websites and software, voice-over and subtitle preparation, video synchronization, and desktop publishing (DTP).


For us, translation and interpreting services are not about words alone: most importantly, they represent a special combination of translating and interpreting talentmodern technologies and tightly-organized production processes.


From day one, we have engaged in projects that require us not only to coordinate the tasks of translators, interpreters and project managers, but also those of professional and technical functions.


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Cooperation with the University of Gdańsk

We have been cooperating with the  Department for Translation Studies and Intercultural Communication within the Language Faculty of the University of Gdańsk since 2009.



We provide substantial support and co-create specialist translation courses relevant to the IT and software localization sector. The courses aim to familiarize students with the CAT tools used in the localization industry.


After finishing their courses, the best students can take part in a summer trainee program and learn more from our staff about the localization industry and the modern IT solutions it uses.

How do we work and recruit translators?

Careful selection of translators and editors to execute individual projects is particularly important. For us, HR management is an arm of our quality policy. Therefore, all our procedures, including the recruitment of translators and editors, are ISO 9001 & ISO 17100 certified.

1. Classification

All candidates for the post of translator or editor must pass written tests in their specialist fields. After that, they are classified according to their education, skills, and experience.

2. Training

We provide our employees and coworkers with a number of training courses. We need to be sure that our translators and editors can meet the stringent quality requirements of our clients.

3. Selection of translators

When the language teams are formed, the project requirements are linked with suitable translators and proofreaders in our database.

4. Assessment

Translated texts are proofread and assessed by experienced linguists, and the results are entered in the database. The resulting assessment history forms a base for the classification of translators and for defining the scope of cooperation with them.

5. Quality Assurance (QA)

As part of the QA procedure, we carry out regular random controls of translated and proofread materials.

Translator Freelancer

At the core of our team are talented translators and editors, who not only have perfect command of their own and a foreign language, but also specialize in a particular field or discipline.

We are always looking for new partners!

  • Are you open to interesting projects?
  • Do you have practical knowledge of CAT tools?
  • Are you knowledgeable about a particular subject?

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