Website localization


A multilingual website? We’ve got you!

Looking to boost your lead-generation capacity? Expand your marketing strategy and reach beyond your local market to maximize revenues. Simply unlock the potential of your website with properly prepared multilingual content.

Building your company’s image beyond national borders? Don’t press your luck with raw machine translations. Earn the trust of potential clients by product and service descriptions that sound professional and natural in their local languages.

Lack the know-how on creating other language versions of websites? We’re here to help. Schedule a call.

Multilingual SEO

Your company offers excellent services and products that win customers’ hearts? So what, if no one knows about them? Make the best out of the effort and funds invested in creating worthwhile content – ensure the high visibility of your website in search engines beyond your own country.

Website localization embraces adapting the content of the website to the language, culture, and requirements of the local market, including search engines. The key to successful localization is to properly choose and translate keywords – terms which users in a given country or region search for most frequently.

Choosing appropriate words in the target language has enormous impact on the website’s visibility in search results as well as the efficiency of marketing efforts in the given country. That is why it’s so important to ensure a proper localization process, as well as professional translation of the content on the basis of the right keywords.


Website localization

We deal effectively with describing your specialist products and services, communication with investors, legal requirements, and marketing campaigns in a way that will appeal to a foreign audience.

We can download and prepare files in any format. Our engineers use well-known Internet technologies such as JAVA, ASP, .NET, SOAP, and XML every day. This allows us to cooperate with clients searching for technologically-advanced suppliers able to adapt to their corporate CMS/GMS systems and so develop an automated supply channel for localization services.

Benefits of cooperation


We have been investing in advanced technological infrastructure, tools, and employee training for thirty years. This puts us in a position to offer specialist localization services of the highest quality and thus allows our clients to capitalize on their investments in external markets even sooner. On a regular basis, we participate in the projects of numerous recognized international companies which reach their clients in other countries with the localized versions of their websites.

Reasonable prices

When software is to be localized in the most popular western languages (English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian), we provide a professional service to Polish clients at reasonable prices. In the case of other languages, we offer translation from English as the most beneficial option.

Technical competence

The website localization process often entails technical challenges related to the extraction and downloading of source texts for the purpose of reliable cost estimation of the project. The requested format of the translated files and the method of making them available may also be an issue. We know how to handle these challenges with specialist tools and the know-how of our experienced engineers.

What does web site localization involve?

Translation or post-editing

We hand-pick translators specializing in the style and subject of the texts. Our translators can work in larger teams to speed up the delivery of large projects. For our clients, we build glossaries and translation memories which increase the cohesion and coherence as well as the quality of the translated texts. Machine translation utilized in agreement with the client makes significant price reduction possible. In order to increase the quality of the machine translation, we choose or train MT engines specifically for a given project.


At this stage, an experienced reviewer compares the translation and the source text. They check it for terminology, accuracy, compliance with requirements, as well as style and grammar. They will also eliminate any shortcomings that may have resulted from the post-editing of the machine translation. If your text is highly specialized, we will engage an independent expert to settle any specific terminology and accuracy issues.

Quality control

Before the texts are handed over to the client, they will be subject to automatic quality tests run using specialist computer tools (such as QA Distiller, ApSIC Xbench, or Verifika). They make sure that the translation is coherent and consistent, especially when prepared by a larger team, if appropriate glossary terms were used, and if all the numbers or names are correct. Selected parts of texts will also be subject to meticulous quality assurance by another linguist.

What can we do for you?

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