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Career Spotlight: Aleksandra Zaremba Senior Project Manager

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Aleksandra Zaremba

Describe your current role with Studio Gambit

I am responsible for cooperation and project coordination with our biggest partner, SAP. I’ve been on this journey for about 5 years, and it keeps getting better and better every day.

My core responsibility is to ensure smooth and effective daily operations with relation to localization services. Supported by our best team, we strive to deliver translations of unparalleled quality in the fields of software and marketing translation.

Describe your typical workday.

I must have my coffee first! But it’s always a struggle to even pour myself a cup as we’re really busy in the mornings. We need to prioritize projects and triage on our end to make sure we can quickly and effectively deliver what is needed.

Then, we need to schedule the most important of the tasks, discuss it with the team and process it according to our internal ISO procedures. We then monitor currently running projects and check the risk level, as managing this effectively helps us prepare for whatever storm is on the horizon.

I maintain dialogue with the team throughout all this, but I also pay special attention to our partner as I like to be on hand to explain and facilitate.

End of the day is busy again as we need to deliver on what we promised in the morning! Of course, there is some time for a watercooler talk, to keep everyone updated on topical matters.

What do you enjoy most in your job?

I absolutely love how engaged is my team in localization issues, I also enjoy project management in the field. I’ve been really lucky to be able to work with some great, agile minds who are open to new challenges and can adjust quickly to project changes while maintaining tight focus on client needs.

We are also very lucky to work with a mature, agile team on the client’s side, too, and I strongly believe this is the best environment for making things happen. Can’t beat dedication and hard work, when paired with effective communication!

What do you enjoy the least?

I don’t know if there is such a thing! My biggest challenge is managing rapid changes that happen even during talks about other localization projects.

But this is typical in order to ensure continuous delivery for software companies. I feel we’re very good at this, though, this is thanks to keeping our focus on open communication, quality and instant feedback to help us to keep projects under control.

What developments you predict will happen in the relationship (with the client) during the next 5 years?

I think our cooperation with SAP is going in good direction. We are currently working together with the client’s team to adjust the processes even more to their liking. I really enjoy how open and honest they are with their feedback relating to all the fields we cooperate in! This strengthening ties mean even more success and prosperity for both my client’s team and mine.

What advice would you give to a company looking to localize software?

The software environment is changing constantly. I’d say make sure to follow the best localization standards such as ISO regulations. This will help you avoid basic mistakes in localizing software. Make sure to work with a company that is familiar with Agile teamwork and has knowledge of Software Development Lifecycle and you’re off to a good start.

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