Beyond words. Technical work for a corporate client

You could say we have a bit of an ego, here in the technical department of Studio Gambit, but we can back it up with stellar technical expertise and excellent collaboration with our clients. This article is about such a collaboration and specifically, about its challenges, possibilities, and rewards, so you can see what fun […]

Career Spotlight: Dariusz Starosta – Production and Quality Manager

Q1. Describe your current role with the company I work in Studio Gambit as a Production and Quality Manager. I’m responsible for taking care of client accounts, which in our company means making sure our clients are happy with the quality of deliverables. In contrast to this morbid expression when I “take care” of a […]

Career Spotlight: Aleksandra Zaremba Senior Project Manager

Describe your current role with Studio Gambit I am responsible for cooperation and project coordination with our biggest partner, SAP. I’ve been on this journey for about 5 years, and it keeps getting better and better every day. My core responsibility is to ensure smooth and effective daily operations with relation to localization services. Supported […]