Trusted Shops: The language of trust for e-commerce

Trusted Shops is an international brand from Germany that has built its powerful position on providing trust and safety for their customers’ online shopping experiences. The company had the idea to create a safe space for online stores and their customers. The company has developed a certification system that guarantees quality and customer satisfaction in online shopping, while at the same time providing users with financial compensation in case of non-adherence to the highest service standards. Thanks to arduous work, consistency and commitment, today a Trusted Shops certificate guarantees successful shopping experience.

Needs and challenges

Until 2017, Trusted Shops had tried to cooperate with a lot of companies on translations into Polish. It was never successful. There was always an issue with either quality or deadlines, as contrary to appearances translating marketing texts out of English or German into Polish is not that straightforward. It is not a word-for-word translation. Necessary information must be conveyed while evoking good feelings. Can you recall how you can have an idea or a thought in your head but cannot express it with words precisely enough? Everybody is likely to experience similar situations but not everyone can overcome such difficulties regularly and successfully.


For many years, Studio Gambit has paid a lot of attention to the quality of its translations. We understand that in online communications the choice of words is of utter importance and trust is most often built between the lines. Thanks to such attitude, Trusted Shops never had any reservations about the work we delivered. Already after the first few jobs the Customer was relieved to let us know that its search for a suitable translation partner had come to a successful end. We are proud that a brand that focuses mainly on the idea of the value of quality and trust has entrusted us with communicating with its customers.

Some figures

In 2017, the cooperation between our two companies brought about 36,923 words translated, and in 2018 it was as many as 131,503 words. It is more than two reams of printed paper. Encyclopaedias contain fewer pages 🙂

Customer’s testimonial

It is a pleasure working with Studio Gambit. They communicate in a fast and efficient way. Problems are solved quickly and most importantly, they always deliver a high quality in their translations.

Thank you Trusted Shops! We’re looking forward to further projects with you.

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