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Podniesiony w górę kciuk osoby ubranej w garnitur symbolizuje sukces, pomyślność i zadowolenie w biznesie

Quality guaranteed – our successful re-certification for the standard PN-EN ISO17100:2015 / EN ISO17100:2015

We are always on the lookout to challenge ourselves with a new, credible standard but recertification is something that can be neglected by the wayside. We are thus very proud to announce our successful re-certification for the standard PN-EN ISO17100:2015 / EN ISO17100:2015. Following ISO Quality Services, ISO 17100 is an international standard published to provide the requirements that a TSP (Translation Services Provider – this is us) needs to meet in order to provide a translation service that meets client’s and other applicable specifications.

We agree that ISO17100 (and every new standard) does make our business better and helps us attain a level of consistently outstanding service for our clients and consistent requirements from our employees and subcontractors.

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